So you found a great article or YouTube clip and want to share it with the community? Well, you can!

GoodHuman is all about community and now we want to know what you know! When you open up any Streamboard, you’ll notice a “+” icon in the bottom righthand corner of the Streamboard image. Simply tap and you’ll be greeted with our “Community Voice” window. Choose to share the URL for any articles or videos that interest you or even share a personal post (video or image) and start a Discussion around that!

You can also use the Community Voice icon to view all of your posts by tapping on “My Posts”.

What to know before you post…

We pride ourselves on our vetting process so that you can take the guess work out and scroll through GoodHuman worthy content. We ask that you practice similar guidelines when using your Community Voice.

You can post outside articles and YouTube videos, and can also upload your own personal content. We know that you’re here for a reason and we can all learn from you.

Please review these posting guidelines for clarification or take a look at what content is already curated on GoodHuman for best examples.

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