With our new Follow feature, you’re now able to follow brands, streamboards, and users on GoodHuman! We thought it was essential to add this feature in order to foster connection and grow our community.

Follow a User

When you land on the profile page – whether it’s by tapping on their avatar in a Discussion or from content they posted – of the user you want to follow simply identify the “Follow” bubble to the left of their avatar image.

If their user profile is set to “public” then you’ll automatically start following them. You’ll be notified of any activity from the user, for example: posting content, participating in a Discussion, etc.

Now, if the profile is “private” then there’s a bit of a waiting game. Similar to other social media platforms, the private user will receive a notification regarding your request. That user can accept or deny your request. You will be notified when they accept your request and the following begins!

Follow a Streamboard

Did you find yourself going back to the same streamboards to see what’s new? Well, now you can Follow it and be notified with updates – no more checking back and forth!

To do so, find the “Follow” bubble on the main streamboard image once you’ve clicked into it. And just tap to follow! Now every time you visit those streamboards, you’ll see “Following.”

To unfollow, simply tap the “Following” bubble and it’ll change back to “Follow.”

Follow a Brand

We love that GoodHuman showcases over 650+ brands and now this feature allows us to stay up to date on the ones we really love.

Click into that brand page and on the brand image, you’ll see our classic “Follow” bubble on the bottom lefthand corner of the image. Tap that to follow and keep tabs on brands easily.

We believe this feature truly enhances your experience on GoodHuman! Like other social media platforms, what you follow impacts your personalization. As you follow more streamboards, brands, and users, you’ll start to see more similar content appear based off of your interaction.

Because of that personalization, we recommend keeping your notifications turned on so you can stay as up to date as possible on what’s new.

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