Your profile is the best way for fellow GoodHumans to know who you are! With your profile, you are the storyteller – and we want to hear about you.

In order to enjoy the full experience of GoodHuman, we have a few requirements in order to ensure your profile is approved. This ensures every user on GoodHuman is verified and real so you can confidently engage with other like-minded individuals. Your unique and personalized profile shows us you’re not only a real human, but a GoodHuman and a trusted member of our community.


GoodHuman is based on real names, real photos, and real identity. While there may be other instances of false identities or fake accounts on different platforms, we ensure every user on our GoodHuman is verified and real. This way, you know the content and conversation you engage with in GoodHuman comes from real like-minded individuals.

These guidelines below are some of the ways we uphold our policy:

  • Ensure it’s a framed and close-up photo that shows your face clearly
  • No sunglasses, masks, or accessories covering any facial features
  • Avoid any photos that may include other humans or animals – save those for the banner!
  • Do not use photos that crop out any facial features


Here is where you can get creative! Now that your avatar checks off the requirements, feel free to show us your personality a bit more with your banner photo.


Your headline should be a simple and straightforward sentence that describes you or what you do. This ensures every user on GoodHuman is verified, real, and a trusted member of our community.


Feel free to share your mission statement, what you’re currently working on, your interests, etc. Have a quote you live by? This is a great place to share that.

Again, this policy is just one of the other ways we verify our users, but it’s an important one. The reason for our specific parameters is because we are building a community based on real humans, which means real names, real bios, and real identities.

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