Whenever you stumble upon an article or video, did you know you can start or join discussions on specific posts with other GoodHuman users?

We designed these to promote a discussion on the particular subject over that piece of content. Did the article resonate with you? Share how! Or maybe that video showed you something new? Tell us your top takeaways!

This is the space for our GoodHuman community to really become a community, through thought. We are most proud of this feature as it allows connection in a digital space to be inspired by and grow from one another.

Let’s explore how…

Start a Discussion

As you scour through streamboards, you’ll notice that our articles and videos display a button to “Start a discussion.” This means others have yet to converse on the subject and it’s open for your thoughts to kick it off!

Just press on the button and enter your initial thoughts you want to start the discussion. You can also invite others to join in – use that opportunity to tag other GoodHuman users you think would benefit from the conversation.

Join a Discussion

You’re poking around the app and notice that some of our content displays a button with “Join the discussion” – well, it just means we want you to partake in the vivid conversation taking place around the topic of the content card you’re viewing.

Simply tap the button and jump in. Once you’re part of the discussion, you can then view some of the most recent messages about the article or video and respond right back. Other users in the same discussion will be notified, as you will be if someone else contributes. 

You never know, your discussion could become trending and appear in the Activity Bar for others to join in!

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