The GoodHuman app is a Feel Good Shopping app. A unique social marketplace experience that makes it really easy for you to discover informative, educational and entertaining content that’s aligned with your values. It’s a platform to discover, discuss, connect on, and share all things ethical and sustainable in a safe space. We are here to connect like-minded people who elevate the voices of humans, animals, and the planet through the power of positive storytelling. 

We built GoodHuman because there isn’t one place where you can go to discover the best products from sustainable, ethical and trustworthy brands that care about the health of their customers, employees, animals and the environment. There wasn’t a place that allowed you to share amazing stories you find on the internet and spark up conversations around things that matter to you, with likeminded people.

We’ve curated, developed, and designed a holistic approach to sifting through the noise. Content you can trust, brands you believe in, and curation that speaks to the soul, all from GoodHumans like yourself. All vetted. All good.

With GoodHuman you can share a great video you discovered on YouTube, or an article on sustainability, or explore our curated streamboards on topics of your interest and discover great products from brands that align with your values.

The core screens of the app are:

  • Discover + Streamboards
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Profile
    • Discussions
    • Posts
    • Follows
    • Settings

Discover + Streamboards

Discover is our main screen which is designed to introduce you to all the content on the app and where to find it. This screen has a top Activity Bar which gives you updates on everything you are following. It also will display any live broadcasts from our live digital talks series. The Discover feed is organized and prioritized to your interests. Here you’ll find a curated collection of what we call “streamboards.” Go on a journey with our curated topic-driven, conscious content featuring a blend of editorial articles, videos, quotes, products, and quizzes put together every week around specific topics such as, Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Production, Clean Beauty, and Ocean Health. Our curators scour the ends of the earth and do all the vetting for you with content that matters.

When you find a streamboard you like, you can follow it so you can receive notifications each time that streamboard’s curation has been updated. You can also join a streamboards discussions room, meet the curator, leave them a question or suggestion.

Community Voice

GoodHuman is all about community and now we want to know what you know! When you open up any Streamboard, you’ll notice a “+” icon in the bottom righthand corner of the Streamboard image. Simply tap and you’ll be greeted with our “Community Voice” window. Choose to share the URL for any articles or videos that interest you or even share a personal post (video or image) and start a Discussion around that!

You can also use the Community Voice icon to view all of your posts by tapping on “My Content.”


Need answers ASAP? Use the search bar found at the top of the Search screen. With over 650 vetted brands, you can search for what you need and save products you are considering into a Favorites List. Our dynamic search results display more than just products. It may include brands, articles, videos, and relevant streamboards.


See something, fave something! The Favorites screen was designed to help you save and organize all the great content you’ve discovered on GoodHuman. From informative videos and educational articles to brands you are curious about or love. Maybe you’re browsing one of our curated streamboards and want to save a product you like or perhaps your deep searching for an alternative activewear solution to update your yoga-wear from a brand that aligns with your values. You can create Favorite lists to help you organize potential purchases or collect articles and videos on specific topics that you want to dive deeper into later. It’s all possible with Favorite lists. Soon you’ll also be able to share entire lists with your friends. Imagine creating an amazing list of skin care products and share that with a friend to jump start their search. We can’t wait for you to give Favorites a try and let us know what you think.


Your profile is the best way for fellow GoodHumans to know who you are! Through your profile, you become the storyteller – we want to hear about you. And as you update your profile avatar, please ensure it’s a framed photo that shows your face clearly (no sunglasses, face masks – like a headshot). We ask you to refrain from adding any pics that may include other humans or animals to differentiate each profile.

This Profile screen will not only include your bio and title, but also display your Favorites lists, recent posts, follows and much more! We can’t wait to see what you’re up to.

Posts & Follows

Speaking of posts and follows, you can now find both under one home. When you click “Posts” on your Profile, you’ll see every single piece of content you’ve added onto GoodHuman. Feel free to sort by All, Approved, Pending, or Declined. You can also start a Discussion straight from here or delete it if you change your mind. Soon enough, you’ll be able to edit the content title here as well, but not quite yet!

Your “Follows” tab lets you keep track of your follows. You can also view who you follow by tapping Follows. See that Search bar? Use that to search for a follower if you can’t find their profile immediately.


Voices come together! This is the spot to catch up on all your conversations and we what Discussions are trending. This is your communication hub. The part of the app where you can manage all of your discussions on all kinds of topics. You can view and sort between Direct Messages and Topics, to any Discussion you have joined whether it was from user posted content or a streamboard you maybe following.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Settings. Access your Settings from your Profile (the rightmost icon on your Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen) by tapping our Settings icon, or the gear icon.

In Settings, you can:

  • Invite a Friend
  • Provide us with Feedback
  • Get a GoodHuman app refresher from our App Walkthrough
  • Update your Interests, the ones you selected during your onboarding
  • Customize your Notifications (although we encourage keeping these on!)
  • Change your Password
  • Access our Help Center
  • Learn more about GoodHuman and our mission
  • Log out
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